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Help! I Feel Tired All the Time

There are few things more frustrating than living under a cloud of fatigue. Here, we explore what’s causing your fatigue and show you a few ways we can help you restore your energy.

Jun 1st, 2022
Am I at Risk for Diabetes?

With millions living with diabetes and over a million more receiving a diagnosis every year, it’s hard not to wonder if you’re next. Here’s what you should know about your risk for diabetes.

Feb 1st, 2022
Are You Tired of Feeling Tired All the Time?

Frustrated with fatigue? You don’t have to be. We have comprehensive treatments and the experience necessary to get to the bottom of your tiredness quickly and naturally restore your energy.

Jan 4th, 2022
3 Components of Optimal Health

What does it mean to be well? Is it merely the absence of pain and illness, or is it much more than that? Keep reading to discover how your body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and how each matters in your overall health.

Dec 1st, 2021
8 Benefits of Losing Some of Your Excess Weight

We’re not just talking about fitting into a pair of old jeans. We’re talking about a true life change from the inside out. Here’s a closer look at just some of the many ways you can benefit from even minimal weight loss.

Nov 1st, 2021
Who Can Benefit From a B12 Injection?

Vitamin B12 has become a pillar in the health and wellness world, and for good reason. This powerhouse vitamin delivers numerous benefits. See who’s a candidate for B12 injections.

Oct 1st, 2021
5 Medical Causes of Fatigue

Does it feel like everyone around you has enough energy to last all day while you’re left dragging behind? An underlying medical condition may be to blame. Learn about the five most common medical causes of fatigue.

Aug 1st, 2021
What to Do About High Triglycerides

Tri — what? We’re here to take the guesswork out of your lab results and give you a few practical pointers on how to manage some of the lesser-known facets of your health and wellness.

Jul 7th, 2021
5 Signs of an Underactive Thyroid Gland

Do you feel like you’re living in a fog and not sure where the clouds rolled in from? It might be a problem with your thyroid. Learn more about this tiny gland and the big impact it can have on your health.

Jun 8th, 2021
How Does Diet Influence Blood Pressure?

They say you are what you eat, and when it comes to your blood pressure, the saying is true. Take a closer look at how what’s on your plate affects what’s happening inside your veins.

May 6th, 2021
Risk Factors for Diabetes

Have you seen a loved one struggle with diabetes or heard the shocking statistics and wondered if you’re at risk? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

Mar 10th, 2021
How to Prepare for Your Immigration Physical

You’re excited to get your green card and begin a new life, but there are few boxes you need to check first. We’re here to make sure you’re completely prepared for one of the most important steps — your physical.

Feb 9th, 2021
Why Is Your Asthma Worse in the Winter?

Have you noticed that your battle with asthma revs up as the temperature drops? Our expert is here to help you get to the bottom of your wintertime asthma issues.

Dec 9th, 2020
How to Stay on Track With Your Weight During the Holidays

Do your eyes get bigger than your stomach when you see a platter of holiday treats? Then you might be derailing your weight-loss goals with every delicious bite. Here’s how to stay on track even when you’re surrounded by temptation.

Nov 1st, 2020
How Poor Nutrition Contributes to Fatigue

You go to bed on time and do your best to manage your stress and yet you still feel like you’re living under a cloud. If you can’t figure out what’s causing your fatigue, it might be time to evaluate your diet.

Sep 18th, 2020
Addressing Your Vitamin C Deficiency

If you were a pirate sailing the high seas, they’d say you had scurvy. Nowadays, we just call it vitamin C deficiency. Either way, the symptoms can be debilitating. Keep reading to learn about how you can refuel on vitamin C.

Aug 21st, 2020
Understanding LDL and HDL Cholesterol

A key part of being healthy is knowing what to feed and how to support your body. This is especially important when it comes to cholesterol. Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of cholesterol and how they impact your well-being.

Jul 13th, 2020
Vitamin C Hydration Therapy

You’re probably already familiar with vitamin C and the role it plays in keeping your immune system healthy. But you may not be familiar with some of the specific benefits of vitamin C hydration therapy. Learn more here.

Jun 18th, 2020
Optimal Performance Medicine and COVID-19: What You Should Know

As states reopen and life begins to resume a more normal pace, it’s as important as ever to consider a balanced approach to maintaining good health. Find out how we can help you do that as we work together through challenges associated with COVID-19.

May 21st, 2020
What to Expect From Your Immigration Physical

Along the road to establishing your permanent residency in the United States, you'll need to complete an immigration physical. Don't stress about this step – when you know what to expect, this routine medical exam won't be a cause for concern.

Jan 3rd, 2020
Ear Infections: Kids Aren't the Only Ones Who Get Them

You’ve seen it before: Young kids crying, pulling on their ears, or holding their head. Children get an almost unbelievable number of ear infections, but they’re not the only ones who get them. It can happen to you, too.

Sep 1st, 2019
How Lipotropic Injections Can Help You with Weight Loss

If you've been struggling to lose weight, even after making changes to your lifestyle, vitamin deficiencies may be getting in your way. Supplemental lipotropic injections that treat vitamin B deficiencies can help you shed stubborn fat.

Jun 1st, 2019