If You Have One of These Chronic Conditions, Consider IV Therapy

Chronic conditions like migraines or fibromyalgia can drag you down. The pain, inflammation, and exhaustion seem to have no end. When traditional medicine fails, alternative choices can improve your quality of life. 

At Optimal Performance Medicine in Woodstock, Georgia, Dr. Michael Skardasis and his team provide intravenous (IV) hydration therapy to treat a wide range of chronic conditions and other short and long term health issues.   

IV hydration and the Myers’ cocktail

IV hydration therapy can infuse a combination of fluids and nutrients known as the Myers’ cocktail directly into your bloodstream. This IV solution has been in use for over 60 years for patients with chronic conditions, and the cocktail includes:

These ingredients can also improve sleep patterns, enhance your sense of overall well-being, and impact various symptoms caused by specific chronic conditions.

Conditions IV hydration therapy can treat

IV hydration therapy has primarily been used to treat chronic conditions to relieve symptoms of pain, fatigue, and inflammation, but Dr. Skardasis may recommend it for other health conditions, too. Here are a few conditions we often treat with IV therapy:


A study using the Myers’ cocktail IV therapy for fibromyalgia patients showed that the group receiving the cocktail reported experiencing significantly improved tender points, pain, depression, and quality of life directly following treatment, and the effects still persisted 4 weeks later. 


IV therapy for migraines has been used for years, offering a solution to many people who haven’t been able to find relief for their migraine pain using traditional medications. If you have stubborn migraines, this treatment could be right for you.

Other conditions

Our team has also had success helping patients with other medical conditions using IV hydration therapy. It’s especially useful for patients recovering from upper respiratory tract infections or gastrointestinal infections. It can also help athletes either before or after competition. 

Some studies show that IV therapy using vitamin C can improve quality of life for cancer patients, and IV therapy can even be used to help treat short-term issues like jet lag.

IV hydration therapy at Optimal Performance Medicine usually takes less than an hour, and we make sure you’re able to relax and rest comfortably during your treatment. Most people find they can manage their symptoms effectively with regular IV therapy. Dr. Skardasis monitors your condition and symptoms and helps you identify the schedule that works best for you. 

To schedule your IV hydration therapy consultation, call Optimal Performance Medicine at 678-224-5406 today or book an appointment online.

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