How Lipotropic Injections Can Help You with Weight Loss

The best way to lose weight is still diet and exercise, but sometimes you might need to help your body out in order to enjoy best results from lifestyle changes. It can be hard to get enough B vitamins based on diet alone. Lipotropic injections support your system, increasing your body's ability to burn fat.

Ready to boost your metabolism?

Your metabolism relies on essential nutrients to process food and burn fat. If your metabolism is missing these elements, just working out and eating healthy may not lead to the weight-loss results you're looking for. Lipotropic injections support your metabolism and can help you successfully lose unwanted pounds.

At Optimal Performance Medicine, we offer a lipovite injection for the vitamin B12 shot. We'll formulate your weight loss support injection with nutrients including:

We'll adjust the exact mix to optimally support your unique needs. Injections can be given at your thigh, hip, upper arm, or buttocks. If you opt for regular treatments, we'll rotate the injection sites to lessen irritation and minimize scarring.

How lipotropic injections can help

The injection assists your weight-loss efforts by maximizing your body's ability to burn fat while preserving lean muscle mass. After receiving this treatment, your exercise routine will pack more of a punch, and your energized metabolism will keep burning calories even after your workout is completed. Your appetite may be reduced as well.

The natural energy boost provided by regular lipotropic injections feels great! Even in the summer heat, you'll find yourself ready for anything.

In addition to supporting your metabolism and increasing your overall energy levels, lipotropic injections can positively affect your cholesterol, immune system, liver, mood, and hormonal balance. The B vitamins contained in the shot will even sharpen your mental clarity, a benefit many people report noticing immediately following their injection treatment.

You'll find that your hair, skin, and nails get stronger and healthier as well – a positive side effect that can further improve your self-esteem and sense of wellbeing as your efforts to lose weight pay off.

Health coach Dr. Michael Skardasis, MD, and the Optimal Performance Medicine team offer a wide range of weight-loss support services. We're happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your weight-loss journey and advise you on whether weekly lipotropic injections could enhance your weight-loss efforts.

It's important to be realistic about weight-loss goals, but treatments like lipovite, in addition to a healthy diet and a targeted exercise routine, place the results you want within your reach. Call to schedule a weight loss consultation appointment at our Woodstock, Georgia offices, or request an appointment online.

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