Our Goal


What is Optimal Performance Medicine's Goal?

As a human being, how do we perform in our environment at our best? What does it mean to be at our best health also known as Optimal Health?


Humans have three major contributors to Optimal Health:



 Healthy Body      Healthy Mind    Healthy Spirit



Our goal at Optimal Performance Medicine is to create healthy people. Most people go to see their doctor when they are sick. Great, we love to see sick people, but we are excited even more when our patients are motivated to become a partner with Dr. Skardasis in creating health in their lives.

In my previous practice, I spent years treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes using medications which in some cases are band-aids doctors use to cover up the wounds and not get to the root cause of the disease.

As we look at optimal performance for your body, we look at your eating habits, your exercise habits, your sleep habits, your use of tobacco and alcohol, the amount of stress in your life which includes your relationships and your work.

We are not relationship or business coaches, but we do know enough to explore these areas of your life and see how they are affecting your overall health.

Optimal Performance Medicine wants to teach you how to create health and offer you the tools and resources to enhance your well-being in the stressors of everyday life, but also for the bigger challenges we all face.