5 Key Benefits of Starting the New Year With a Physical Exam

5 Key Benefits of Starting the New Year With a Physical Exam

People make all sorts of goals when the new year rolls around, many of which concern their health. But instead of making vague goals to lose weight and get healthier, why not make a goal that helps achieve those things?

Dr. Michael Skardasis and our team at Optimal Performance Medicine in Woodstock, Georgia, know how important annual physical exams are to reaching peak health and wellness. In this blog, we highlight a few reasons why we believe it should be at the top of your priority list every year.

1. We routinely monitor your health

What better place to start a new year than with up-to-date information on your health status? This is especially true when you consider the fact that many health conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol go undetected until it’s too late. 

Leaving your health a question mark can lead to much more serious (and much harder to treat) issues down the line, so we recommend getting to know your health status better with a physical exam at the start of the year.

During your appointment, we can gather data on and evaluate your:

We also use physical exams as an opportunity to screen for underlying health conditions, such as osteoporosis, cancer, and STDs. In addition to regular physical exams, we can perform school, pre-surgery, DOT, and immigration physicals.

2. We update your vaccinations and medications

Vaccinations and prescriptions are some of our most powerful tools for keeping you healthy and thriving. When you come in for a physical exam, we ensure all of your vaccinations and medications are current. 

If necessary, we can adjust your prescriptions and administer the appropriate vaccinations you need. 

3. We assess your risk for future health problems

No matter how in control of your health you think you are, you can’t always deal with some problems (or even detect them) without the help of an expert. Dr. Skardasis has years of experience helping people like you recognize and proactively address the potential for chronic conditions and disease. 

4. We make adjustments to your current treatment plans

If your health has changed or there’s something about your current treatment plan that you feel is no longer serving you, your physical exam is the best time to talk about it. You can discuss your concerns with us, and we work with you to make tweaks to your treatment plan when and if necessary to ensure optimal wellness. 

5. We give you the floor

There’s a lot of information out there and more than one way to get answers to your questions, but if you’re a chronic Googler, chances are the answers that you’re getting are confusing, vague, or not specific to you. 

That’s why at your physical exam, you have the time and space to tell us everything you’re concerned about and ask us all of your questions. We respond compassionately and give answers based on your health history and needs. 

Bring us everything from lumps and bumps to unsettling aches and pains, and we’ll provide the care and education you need to manage them effectively. 

We also offer guidance and support on other aspects of your health journey, including anxiety, depression, weight loss, fatigue, and hormone imbalances

It’s time to take your health into your own hands in 2024 and schedule a physical exam. When you’re ready, call Optimal Performance Medicine to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff. You can also use our convenient online booking.

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