Are You Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Are You Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Some doctors look at you and only see a body. When you come into our office, we see a whole person, complete with body, mind, and spirit. And it’s that unique perspective that makes our team better equipped to treat what’s ailing you. 

Here, Dr. Michael Skardasis, our health and wellness expert at Optimal Performance Medicine, takes a closer look at how your body, mind, and spirit work together.

Your body

Your physical body is an incredible machine composed of many complex systems that all work together to help you live your life. But it’s the very complexity of your body that makes it so vulnerable. 

When evaluating your physical health, consider these common indicators:

All of these are general signs that you’re in decent physical health. If you notice one or more of these areas start to falter, don’t wait to get help. Dr. Skardasis specializes in addressing a wide range of physical health problems from chronic fatigue and diabetes to high blood pressure and hormonal imbalances.

Your mind

When you think of being sick, often the image begins and ends with the physical body. But it’s important to realize that your mind plays an equal role in your overall health. 

For example, depression, a common mental health problem, has a direct impact on your physical health. When you’re depressed, you’re more likely to feel whole body aches and pains, experience fatigue, and struggle with sleep. 

The reverse is also true. Chronic physical health problems can weigh on you and impact your thoughts and emotions. 

Because the three parts of your wellness are so closely linked, it’s our goal to focus on dealing with the underlying cause of your condition and equipping you with practical strategies to improve your health. 

Your spirit

We believe the spirit is perhaps the most overlooked facet of modern patients’ well-being. Seldom do doctors and specialists consider how their patients view, relate, and respond to the world around them. 

We aren’t relationship or life coaches, but we do understand that having a positive outlook and a sense of confidence and happiness is essential to feeling truly healthy. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can bolster your spirit and support your physical and mental health, including:

As your spirit is lifted, your body and mind often follow. 

Are you ready to partner with us on a journey toward a healthier, happier life? We’d love to talk with you. Don’t hesitate to request an appointment online or over the phone at our Woodstock, Georgia, office today.

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