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Physical examinations are a key part of primary care that serves to help you stay healthy and mitigate disease risks. At Optimal Performance Medicine in Woodstock, Georgia, Michael Skardasis, MD, and the team perform physical exams for people of all ages with additional testing according to their needs. Call Optimal Performance Medicine or book an appointment online for your next exam today.

Physical Exams

What are physical exams?

Physical exams, or check-ups, are a form of preventive care and an integral part of primary care. During a physical exam at Optimal Performance Medicine, the team guides you through a series of simple tests, measurements, and evaluations to record information about your health. 

Many healthcare professionals recommend getting a physical examination once a year, which is called an annual physical. Whether or not you get annual physicals, you might also need physical exams for specific purposes like school enrollment, sports participation, or employment. 

A physical exam appointment is also an excellent opportunity to ask your own questions about health and receive detailed answers from health professionals you know and trust. 

What do physical exams include?

Each physical exam at Optimal Performance Medicine includes multiple steps. There may be additional steps that vary based on your age, sex, or reasons for getting a physical exam. The team might also recommend blood testing and other services based on their findings during your physical. 

Some steps that may be included in your next physical are:

  • Height and weight measurements
  • Vital signs readings
  • Review of personal health concerns
  • Review of medications
  • Examinations of organ systems 
  • Organ palpations to feel for abnormalities
  • Additional tests and screenings

Dr. Skardasis and his team at Optimal performance medicine will provide you the results of any lab results or other tests ordered at the time of your physical.

What are the benefits of physical exams?

Getting a physical exam once a year gives you considerable wellness benefits. The team at Optimal Performance Medicine is thorough in their examinations and informs you about your health and treatment needs in detail. 

Some key benefits of physical exams include:

  • Learning more about your own health
  • Receiving personalized health and wellness advice
  • Detecting and potentially reversing disease
  • Treating certain health conditions if necessary
  • Developing a stronger relationship with your healthcare provider
  • Tracking trends in your health over time

Regular physical exams also help you stay up to date on necessary preventive care services like vaccinations and cancer screenings according to your risk factors. 

To schedule your next routine physical exam, call Optimal Performance Medicine or book an appointment online today.